Though at first glance you may think them average cats, you would be mistaken. A catdragon is distinguishable by several unique features.

First there is the tail which boasts the triangle shaped rudder that dragons use to balance themselves in the air. This is necessary of course, due to the leathery wings that the catdragons use to fly. As if cats didn't get into enough trouble on the ground! Next are the ears, which are more pointed then a normal cat's. The catdragons find them very useful for hunting birds, bats, and bugs. The last thing is not as noticeable, and easy to miss, unless you catch them at dinner time. Catdragons prefer their food well done and are happy to cook it themselves!

Allow me to introduce you to our three catdragons.The first two are twins Sam and Max.

Sam (Samantha) is a sweetheart. She loves being held and petted and can always be found nearby. However she gets easily startled. When she is scared she will fly to a high place and won't come down. We have found her in the strangest places!

Max (Maxwell) is her brother and couldn't be more different! He is constantly curious about everything and is always getting into new and strange situations. Max is also a huge fan of gravity. If he can't get it open, he will fly it up really high and drop it.

Jasper is the old man of the group. A more patient and wise catdragon, he chooses to use his time in deep meditation (which closely resemble sleeping). And is quite grumpy when he's disturbed by the rambunctious actions of the twins. We have had to invest in fire retardant furniture and curtains due to his bad habit of spitting fire when they get close.